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TSC Canada Takes to the Field

Delivering the right after sale service solution can be complex. Factoring in different regions, service models, products, and end customer requirements, customization is more important than ever. At TSC, we believe that offering custom options is just one of the many ways we take the complex and make it simple.

At TSC Canada, we are excited to announce a new service offering we have been working on for the last year. In response to the needs of our customers, TSC Canada has added a robust on-site field service program to our vast list of after sales service support options. At TSC, it is our objective to provide custom solutions and flexibility to our customers, which is even more true with Covid-19 still dominating the world. Though based in Canada, our on-site field service program is offered globally through TSC and other like-minded partners.

Why choose TSC for on-site field service?

Customized Service Solution

We can customize a service solution which can be a combination of on-site field service, depot repair, advanced exchange, parts inventory management and warranty processing. We build a solution which is the most cost effective based on what your service level requirement is. Let us focus on building and delivering your solution and in return you can focus on building your business and your core strategies. We will deliver your custom solution to you globally through TSC and our global partner network while still ensuring that you have a solution that takes into account the specific regional needs that incorporates regional service models and end user demands.


Our expertise includes but is not limited to notebooks, desktops, tablets, printers, servers, digital media and more. Our people are some of the best in the industry with hundreds of years of combined experience. You can find our highly skilled technology experts globally through TSC and our global partner network.


Make informed business decisions using the data points that are important to you. Tell us what you want us to track and our dedicated dispatch management team will capture it in each ticket. We’ve built our business differently to fit into your mold, not force you into ours. This includes ensuring that our reporting is in your hands with the click of a button. We are here to ensure you have all the knowledge you need so that you can concentrate on what you do best.

Our highly skilled field engineers are backed by our dedicated team of dispatchers and case managers. Our team ensures that your service visits happen on time and as expected. Combined with project management oversight, you will always have confidence that your customized field service program is well taken care of.

TSC makes the complex simple and builds a custom solution tailored to you needs so that you can concentrate on your core business. Whether your business is in Canada or elsewhere, TSC is the right choice for your on-site field service needs. Contact us today!

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