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TSC Asia - New Delhi

Going from 2,000 to 21,000 square feet, the new TSC Asia location in New Delhi now offers clean rooms, a Ball Grid Array station and Load Testing bays. TSC Asia's recent facility move has resulted in increased capacity and additional services.Significantly reduced turn-around times for repairs are being enjoyed by customers based in New Delhi and other parts of Northern India.

A Seamless Move Growth and innovation are often the prime motivators for expansion, and such is the case with TSC India’s September 2016 move to its new location in New Delhi. Long anticipated by TSC Asia's customers, the 21,000 square feet facility offers expansive new services, adding clean rooms, a Ball Grid Array (BGA) station and Load Testing bays to their existing board repair capabilities.

TSC Asia - New Delhi

Situated only two kilometers from the old facility, the move was executed smoothly over the course of a single working week, with no significant disruption to customer shipments. Housing ninety team members, and boasting 1,900 square feet of clean room space with Class 100 and Class 1000 levels of cleanliness, the new facility is a welcome change for both TSC Asia staff and clients, increasing capacity and breadth of services to include;

1. LED Panel repairs up to Level 4 [for 10” – 42” screens + Polarizer (pol), Integrated Circuit (IC), Back Light Unit (BLU), and X Board (x bd)]

2. SMD component repairs

3. BGA component repairs

4. LED panel repairs from Industrial and Telecom vertical Power Supplies and Universal Power Supplies (UPS) systems repairs and load testing

Benefits for All The move is a positive one for both TSC Asia customers and employees helping to address previous limitations in addition to supporting continued growth and opportunity. Customers now enjoy a much larger variety of services provided locally – in lieu of products being sent to our Bangalore facility in South India – allowing for reduced turn-around time for repairs of LED panels, boards and power supplies. (The previous 15 to 20 days needed for shipping and repair has been cut in half). The increase from 2,000 square feet to 21,000 square feet has also significantly increased TSC Asia's capacity across all of India by 25%, while reducing overall costs associated with shipping. And now our employees have access to some of the best amenities in the country – including a much larger cafeteria, and new recreational and medical rooms – a concerted effort made by the Admin and HR teams to promote comfort, safety and productivity in their facility planning.

Looking into the Future With the move and transition complete, TSC Asia is now working to expand by attracting new customers and adding new products to our repair portfolio. As the capital of India, New Delhi is an important economic center, with enormous potential especially within the IT, Telecom and Medical Industries. Future initiatives for R-Logic will include a targeted expansion to these sectors, as well as an exploration of new internal systems and processes to minimize costs and become more energy efficient.

The New Delhi facility is located at W33 and W34, Okhla Industrial Estate Phase II, New Delhi, India –110020. For an in-depth look at our capabilities and services please watch our video here.

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