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Reduced Return Rates: Great For Business

Repeat Returns 2017 vs. 2018

There are numerous benefits to outsourcing in-warranty and out-of-warranty product repairs. Working with a strong partner can reduce costs, ensuring service continuity and providing unbiased, independent product review and feedback. An experienced service provider is also key to reducing Repeat Return Rates (RRR) with repair improvements, minimizing cost-providing valuable product information and ultimately – enhancing the end-customer experience.

A strong repair partner will track and do careful analysis of repair and failure data, and from there recommend improvements that may include;

  • Proactive parts replacement based on usage data

  • Cleaning enhancements

  • Improved packaging and repack instructions

  • Test enhancements

  • Repair process improvements

They may also recommend engineering changes to the manufacturer based on their failure analysis, and interact with Technical Support to create knowledge based articles, scripts and best practices. Finally, with all these potential improvements – the number of incoming units for repair are minimized, thereby lowering cost and helping to reduce the impact of carbon emissions on the environment.

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