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Q&A with TSC's Badri Korti

We sat down with Badri Korti, TSC's Vice President of Global Strategic Alliances and asked him a series of questions. Get to know TSC and Badri in our new Q&A leadership series.

Question: What makes TSC unique?

Answer: First and foremost is that we are a dedicated solutions oriented organization that focuses on aftermarket services. Normally, global organizations will have a focus on sales and then the services, however, TSC is unique amongst those companies as we have a passion for service and wish to provide solutions for all global customers under one umbrella.

Secondly, TSC is serving global customers across continents, culture, diversities, nationals, practices, law of the land and complex environments with ease and in a professional manner. Following the sun is what makes our organization able to be with our customers 24X7.Besides this, uniform processes, quality metrics, communication with customers, reporting, analysis and helping our customer to further improve on their product or services by way of giving them valuable inputs while we repair / serve a product.

Finally, TSC customers have a single point of contact. This allows our customers to feel completely at home when choosing TSC, always knowing who you will be dealing with for the life of your solution. Our customers can rest assured that they are in safe hands as TSC takes customer satisfaction very seriously and owns it.

Question: What is the most interesting trend you see in 2021?

Answer: Challenges have not yet disappeared as a result of Covid-19, however, field/on site service demand has increased due to work from home culture across the globe. Users look to have service at their doorsteps as far as the consumer segment is concerned. On the commercial/enterprise segment, the data and its management has caught attention of all the IT administrators and hence they seek professional service organizations like TSC to help them store, manage and archive crucial data. IT asset movement, relocation, migration, sanitization, salvage, destruction are some of the areas where we see the focus of the industry.

Question: What do you enjoy about working for TSC?

Answer: It is always a pleasure to help our customers globally to solve their pain points. Having been in this industry for more than three decades, until very recently donning a regional role, TSC gives me opportunity to expand my horizon to serve global customers with complex problems. Passion is what drives me to serve customers. TSC is the best platform for me to demonstrate and challenge my skill, experience, knowledge for the mutual benefits of TSC and its customers. I am glad that I am part of this organization.

Question: What are the main industry differences between pre and post Covid-19?

Answer: Post Covid-19, there are new norms of functioning, not only limited to professional services but even at the domestic level and of course the way we engage with our relatives, families and friends. Despite being classified as essential services around much of the globe, our industry is not immune and has had to quickly adapt to this new normal.

During Covid-19, customers saw how service providers have served them and ensured continuity of service with that show must go on attitude.

Question: What are some common misconceptions about our industry? How do you deal with them?

Answer: First and foremost, no company wants to accept and acknowledge that services are actually helping companies and brands to increase their sales / revenue and foot prints. They always feel it’s a cost center and not a profit center. Being in a comfort zone when all things are working and then suddenly getting panicked if things stop working or creating issues, it takes a while for end user/customer to realize the importance of service offerings.

Its like selling Insurance. We take cost saving model to explain to customers why they should consider services, be it preventive or break-fix or annual maintenance all with the important intent of ensuring no interruption during their work. This is also a form of productivity and it adds up to revenue that a company earns.

Question: What are your hobbies and interests? What do you do for fun?

Answer: I am a big cricket fan. I also love classical Indian music and reading books. Currently I am reading "Influence, New and Expanded The Psychology of Persuasion", by Robert B Cialdini. I firmly believe that friendship with books and music can never go wrong.

You can connect with Badri on LinkedIn or via email at

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