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Meet TSC Europe

Meet TSC Europe, locally known as Sprague. With in-house engineers, TSC Europe creates customized solutions that is built around the requirements of their customers. As a founding TSC member, TSC Europe has been proving they are a true partner through support across a wide variety of mechanical and electronic devices since 1999.

TSC Europe's customized solutions enables customers to keep using products that would have been discarded otherwise. By harvesting and qualifying parts for certified reuse, TSC can help clients reduce costs and stay environmentally friendly.

TSC - Strategic Locations

TSC Europe offers services in logistics & warranty handling, data storage screen & redeployment, LTO repair, data destruction, brokerage and printer screen & repair. Services are offered on a wide range of products including desktops, laptops, LTO head, PCB & deck, printers and HDD/SSD.

After 20 years of business that all began from the founders garage, TSC Europe has proven that a passion for perfection and in depth technical knowledge can lead to worldwide growth.

Visit TSC Europes website today to learn more or contact TSC Europe representative, Marc Teulings.

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