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Meet TSC Canada

Meet TSC Canada, locally known as Memofix. Since its founding in 1986 in Toronto, Ontario, Memofix has been providing expert technical and reverse logistics solutions to the North American IT industry. In 2011, they joined TSC and brought along their expertise.

In 1986, TSC Canada got their start as the repair center for the first Seagate drives that entered the Canadian market. This led to the investment of specialized equipment to analyze and re certify hard drives as well as the investment of their team which is why they are one of a select group in North America that can repair hard disks and complex tape backup technology. Since then, TSC Canada has continued to expand their expertise and are now one of the largest national providers of advanced exchange and depot services for a leading notebook OEM and a leading monitor OEM. With solutions that are customized and easily transported to different geographies, TSC Canada aims to fulfill the TSC mandate to make the complex simple.

TSC Canada, offers services in depot repair, advanced exchange, reverse logistics, product resale, HDD and SSD testing and wiping, and data recovery. Services are offered on a wide range of products including tablets, monitors, laptops, desktops, enterprise storage devices and more. 

Computing and storage technology has changed drastically since TSC Canada's founding over 30 years ago. TSC Canada attributes their ability to meet the challenges and requirements of this fast evolving market by investing in the professionalism and experience of their team, processes and commitment to continuous improvement. For TSC Canada the answer is simple - always stay focused on the customer. 

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