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Meet TSC Brazil

Meet TSC Brazil, locally known as Pandisc. TSC Brazil provides end to end solutions, from direct manufacturer engagement for speedy defective return to ensuring high quality services right to the consumers door step. As a co-founder of TSC, TSC Brazil is constantly searching for new equipment with the latest technology, as well as international certifications so they can continue to provide services with precision and reliability on a global scale.

Founded in 1991, TSC Brazil started out as a repair facility for data storage devices. Over the course of the last 27 years, TSC Brazil has found ways to innovate and develop new repair lines. Today, clients rely on services for hard disk, backup devices, system boards, server motherboard and storage controllers, telecommunications equipment, power supply and more. The services offered on this wide range of products includes specialized electronic equipment analysis, repair service solutions, inventory management and auditing solutions. 

By investing in employees through training, digital inclusion and free courses, TSC Brazil contributes greatly to the professional and personal development of their people, ensuring that you are always in the best hands. This dedicated team also understands the importance of green solutions. With a focus on the environment, TSC Brazil aims to reduce waste in the reverse supply chain in an effort to reduce manufacturer's costs, improve customer experience and contribute to a better and greener living environment for all.

TSC Brazil clients can expect a quality commitment, prompt service and customized fulfillment programs to meet individual needs. Like all of TSC, TSC Brazil prides themselves on being your true partner.

Want to take a tour of TSC Brazil? Click here.

Visit TSC Brazil's website today to learn more or contact TSC Brazil representative, Loyas Heric Heuwald.

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