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Meet TSC Asia

Meet TSC Asia, locally known as R-Logic. A founding TSC member, TSC Asia provides reliable direct after-sales customer care and part supply management services to global MNCs. With a team of highly qualified and experienced industrial experts, and along with the worldwide TSC network, TSC Asia is committed to designing and pioneering cost effective reverse supply chain solutions for manufacturers worldwide.

TSC Asia provides end to end solutions. From ensuring high quality customer care at a consumer’s door step, to direct manufacturer engagement for speedy defective return. TSC Asia’s aim is to reduce all reverse supply chain’s waste for manufacturers, and improve the customer experience for consumers. In doing so, TSC Asia contributes to creating a better and greener living environment.

TSC - Strategic Locations

TSC Asia’s services include defective inventory management, supply management, data recovery, OEM repair services and on-site services. These services are offered on a wide range of products including LCD/LED panels, motherboards, power supplies, tablets, mobile phones, laptops, UPS, servers and more.

With six locations in Bangalore, New Delhi, Jakarta, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Shanghai, TSC Asia is ready to tackle any challenge. TSC Asia aims to provide solutions that go beyond the repair and beyond expectation. TSC Asia, is your true partner.

Visit TSC Asia's website today to learn more or contact TSC Asia representative, Ken Tan.

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