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Meet TSC Argentina

Meet TSC Argentina, locally known as Cronon. Since their founding in 1991, TSC Argentina has followed their mission to create and deliver original and ingenious technological solutions. In 2014, they joined TSC and brought these solutions to the world stage.

TSC Argentina understands that while technology may change, principles remain. A strong commitment to rapid response, agile structure, flexible mindset, courtesy and integrity is what allows TSC Argentina to offer high quality products and services to all of TSC's valued customers and partners.

TSC - Strategic Locations

TSC Argentina, offers services in component level repair, warranty services, software development, on-site services, equipment sale, repair of peripherals and more. Services are offered on a wide range of products including desktops, laptops, keyboards, motherboards and more.

TSC is committed to responsible recycling. TSC Argentina is bringing a creative spin to that mandate by turning electronic waste into art. Follow TSC for more on this initiative coming October 2019.

Visit TSC Argentina's today to learn more or contact TSC Argentina representative and TSC President, Dave Cunningham.

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