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Our Story

Needs are often the basis of unexpected partnerships. That's the story behind the creation of TSC, a group of technology companies with expertise and success in our geographic regions, who came together to deliver worldwide, comprehensive services to our customers. While business needs brought TSC together, this near decade long unification has flourished out of dedication and commitment; to not only each other, but most importantly, to our customers. 

With previous experience collaborating on projects and sharing a similar extensive history in tape backup repair, TSC's four founding companies took some advice from one of their largest mutual customers - Dell. Douglas Schmitt, now President of Global Services for Dell EMC, suggested to these preferred Dell suppliers that they should partner with other like-minded companies. The goal? To deliver best-in-class repair and logistics solutions on a global scale. In 2009, already leaders in their respective markets, the four founding members: TSC US, TSC Asia, TSC Europe, and TSC Brazil, formed the unified partnership now known as TSC. 

Since 2009, TSC has grown to encompass seven organizations across eleven countries, including the United States, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, The Netherlands, Singapore, India, Indonesia, and China. In nine short years TSC’s client list has grown to encompass some of the world’s largest IT companies including: Dell, Lenovo, HP, Oracle, and XIP.

TSC - Strategic Locations

The TSC Difference

TSC is expertly positioned to provide our clients with a unique value proposition; exceptional, local service on a worldwide scale. Partnering with our extended team of professionals brings numerous benefits to our clients including in-depth knowledge of regional markets, fast and flexible service and speed of execution. By combining our knowledge and pooling our resources, TSC can deliver the very best repair and logistics solutions to our customers.

The reality is, important business decisions can take a long time to make; decisions that require fundamental changes to an organization’s processes take even longer. The individual divisions that make up TSC are all owner operated, giving each location the ability to make quick decisions to deliver more efficient turnaround times. This process allows for all of our clients to expect swift and focused execution for rolling out new initiatives. It also means we do not have to adhere to a "one size fits all" approach. At TSC, we understand that our clients can have unique needs which is why we are always willing to work towards accommodating customized fulfillment solutions.

Our customers' needs are at the forefront of everything we do. This includes anticipating future needs that may occur after a disaster. As companies continue to streamline their businesses and reduce operating costs, many have gone the route of consolidating and centralizing repairs with one global partner. This can be a great benefit to a company, however you don't want to wait until after disaster strikes to ask the important question; do we have a reliable risk strategy? While many global partners provide the benefit of multiple locations, redundancy can only truly be accomplished if these locations can operate independently, and have the ability to act as a backup facility without relying on the systems or people that might be comprised by a disaster. With seven partner companies in eleven countries,TSC is capable of supporting risk reduction and disaster recovery through a network of independent locations by quickly transferring operations on our client's behalf from one facility to another when needed.

While there are many benefits that help make The TSC Difference, a thorough understanding of local needs along with the ability to replicate a solution on a global scale differentiates TSC from our competitors. TSC prides itself on our strong working relationships that have been in place for nine years and counting. It is this commitment and dedication that has allowed us to provide trusted support so that we may ensure we are always working with the common interest of our customers as our number one priority. 

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