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Introducing TSC's New President

We are happy to announce our new TSC President, Loyas Heric Heuwald.

Loyas has been involved with TSC since the company was created in 2008, over a decade ago. In addition to performing his new role as President, Loyas also leads TSC Brazil; which under his management has won several international awards by exceeding the expectations and satisfaction by all valued customers including major global OEMs.

So, who is Loyas Heric Heuwald? Loyas studied computer engineering and started his career in the IT world in 1992 as a hardware field technician in his own company, transitioning to various IT areas such as network infrastructure, data security and fraud protection consulting. In 2001 Loyas joined TSC Brazil as repair laboratory manager, and started to be involved in new business development strategies and achieved great results leading to the signing of large scale accounts to the company. In 2008 Loyas also helped to develop and implement TSC; became President of TSC Brazil, TSC Vice President and, in 2014 a shareholder.

When asked his thought's on becoming the TSC President: “I have an exciting challenge in front of me. I want to replicate the successes that is already implemented at various TSC local sites on a global scale, while working together to correct and learn from any failures. I’m 100% confident in our amazing global team who delivers to our customers every single day with passion and expertise, all in an effort to make the complex, simple".

He continued: "TSC Global integrated system is on the way in a mix global control and visibility, Business Intelligence, AI, machine learning, and more helping us to be more proactive instead of reactive.”

As we move forward in this new decade, we owe a big thank you to former TSC President, Dave Cunningham. Dave will continue to be a contributing member to TSC and we look forward to continuing to rely on his invaluable experience.

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