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Holiday Innovation

This year has forced many of us to be innovative in all the things we do. From new ways to do business to keeping employees safe, this has been a testing year for all. It is therefore more important than ever to keep morale and spirits high, which is exactly why TSC Canada did not let anything stand in the way of their longstanding holiday celebrations. Known locally as Memofix, TSC Canada relied on the spirit of innovation and ran a safe and socially distanced holiday celebration.

While usually parties are full of people talking, eating and playing games; the current world we live in is not able to provide that as an option. So how did TSC Canada keep tradition alive?

  1. Food was ordered from a local restaurant. It was ordered individually and delivered in shifts.

  2. Individually wrapped sweet treats personalized to each employee.

  3. A present for every singly employee via the socially distanced "Punch-A-Cup" game.

  4. A few fun games to keep the party going including "2 Truths and a Lie" where team members used information to guess the associated manager and the simple but cherished game of guessing candy in a jar.

  5. A socially distanced hot chocolate bar to go with some candies delivered by some appreciative clients.

A big thank you to the TSC Canada social committee who worked hard on coming up with safe ideas to ensure the spirit of the holiday season was not missed this year. The 2020 holiday season is wrapping up and all around the world TSC Partners are gearing up for an exciting 2021!

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