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FlexBay Test System

FlexBay Test System


The FlexBay Test System, developed by TSC US, allows HDD and SSD storage devices to be tested and wiped in their mounting trays, improves quality by testing in the final configuration, reduces labor costs and can be used at client sites or TSC repair depots.

FlexBay data wiping in progress

Innovation is key to staying at the forefront of ever-changing technology, a core tenet of TSC to continually advance our technical knowledge base. Investment in our people, equipment and quality assurance measures allow us to provide the best solutions possible to our customers, and pass along savings gained through more effective and streamlined processes.

The FlexBay Project The FlexBay Multi-Drive (HDD/SSD) Test System grew out of one such initiative, a desire to develop a better, more efficient way to handle storage devices. It is a test system that allows storage devices to be tested and wiped in their mounting trays, reducing both cost and labor.  The FlexBay adjusts to different drive tray lengths and connector locations, allowing trays of varying sizes to fit easily into the test system, and then thoroughly tested and wiped to NIST/DoD* standards using custom designed software.

Why FlexBay? The benefits of the unique FlexBay system are multiple; the first being improved quality to the overall output with storage devices tested in their final configuration as opposed to being disassembled and tested as a bare drive.  Secondly, costs are minimized by reducing some of the associated labor, eliminating the need to remove and or reinstall drives from their mounting trays. And finally, the portability of the FlexBay system allows for convenience and flexibility, making it possible to handle drives at the client’s site or at various TSC repair depots throughout the US, Europe, Brazil and Asia.

TSC US The FlexBay Test System was designed and developed by the engineering team at TSC US, a full service depot repair organization located in Round Rock Texas, USA. TSC US is focused on technical repair solutions for enterprise class storage and other high-tech hardware, and is the recipient of multiple Best Service Parts Supplier awards from global computer manufacturing partner Dell.

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