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Disaster Recovery and the Right Depot Repair Partner

With the number of natural disasters happening around the world, risk reduction strategy has become an even more critical part of disaster recovery planning. For dependable back-up, companies need to select a depot repair partner that has the capability to function completely independently during a disaster. With seven locations in eleven countries, TSC is uniquely positioned to support risk reduction and disaster recovery through a network of owner-operated locations.

Hurricane Harvey Aftermath - Houston Texas, USA

Pre-Planning is Key Disaster recovery is something we all need to be prepared for, in 2017 alone, we witnessed a number of natural disasters; from the wildfires in California to the hurricanes that ravaged much of the Southern US and the Caribbean; to the earthquake in Mexico, and the flooding and mudslides in Bangladesh, Colombia and Sierra Leone.   Much of the news coverage has been – rightly – focused on the human and environmental impact, though often with little to no follow-up on the extensive time and resources needed to restore homes and businesses to a live-able or work-able state. In the case of Hurricane Harvey – the massive 27 trillion gallon rainfall that caused extensive flooding in and around Houston, Texas and more than $150 billion in damages – it took weeks and months for the city and its surrounding area to become fully functional again.

Resuming operations after such an event can be made easier with adequate pre-planning, and partners with the ability to move quickly under stressful circumstances. A big part of a company’s risk analysis and disaster recovery plan must include a sound risk reduction strategy, including the role an experienced depot repair vendor plays in quickly transferring operations on your behalf from one facility to another when needed.

A Good Back-Up Plan As companies continue to streamline their businesses and reduce operating costs, many have gone the route of consolidating and centralizing repairs with one global partner, to leverage savings by putting volume through a limited number of locations. It’s a decision that mostly works – until disaster strikes in the form of Mother Nature and an important component of their operations grinds to a halt. And though many global partners provide the benefit of multiple locations, redundancy is only really accomplished if these locations can operate independently, and it has the ability to act as a backup facility without relying on the systems or people that might be comprised by a disaster. 

In evaluating a Depot Repair partner for this worst-case scenario, a customer should consider this: Does the partner have locations that are independent in these important areas?

  • Facility (equipment & resources)

  • Trained technical personnel

  • Local admin and decision makers who have authority to act quickly and decisively

  • Parts availability

  • Transportation

  • Access to processes

  • Standalone systems

  • Hardware

  • ERP

  • Sub systems such as EDI links - if a single sub system is channeled through the disaster facility can another location access that sub system

  • Financial implications – can the working facility function if all finance is in the disaster facility

Ultimately, if one location is comprised by natural disaster without warning and completely shut down, can your operations continue with minimal interruption from one of their other locations?

TSC Can Help With seven locations in eleven countries, TSC is uniquely positioned to support companies around Risk Redundancy and Disaster Recovery, with a framework of independent locations able to quickly step in to ensure smooth operations of our clients’ businesses. Our strengths include:

  • Strong working relationships that are already in place, providing trusted support when needed

  • The common interest of our customers being paramount

  • A global solution that allows a client to leverage cost savings

  • Processes and know-how shared openly between partner locations

  • Operating as one global organization with processes, expertise and quality reporting

  • Geographically dispersed facilities that limit exposure of any one natural disaster affecting multiple sites

  • Each partner running standalone systems and hardware that are adaptable and can be turned on quickly and locally

  • Each partner standing alone financially

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