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Corporate Social Responsibility: Sammy's House

Contributing to the communities we do business in is an important aspect of Corporate Social Responsibility. This month, we are highlighting TSC US and Sammy's House.

Sammy’s House has a long history, but it’s current iteration is as a child development center which began in March of 2002, with respite care and therapeutic equipment loaning programs in 2003, and 2004. Part of their mission is: “To provide family support through educational services addressing issues relevant to child caring of both the special needs and typically developing child, respite care and referrals to appropriate agencies for additional services.” A fully functioning technical infrastructure is essential to this mission.

“We would be lost without ‘The Dudes’” said Isabel C. Huerta, Executive Director of Sammy’s House. “Or, ‘The Daves’ as we also call them. It’s hard enough to fundraise on a normal year. During Covid-19 we have been reliant on online donations… We could not survive without a working network.”

TSC United States, known locally as STS donates technical services to Sammy’s house. Beyond setting up the network, STS also acts as continued technical support. “When something does go wrong, I am not panicked, I know I can call and 'The Dudes' will say: ‘Okay, I’m going to take over your computer for a minute.’… There is a level of trust with them, like our own in house support team.”

Sammy's house has a range of skills such as occupational therapy, speech therapy and sign language,

Of course, "The Daves" or "The Dudes" as they have endearingly been nicknamed by Sammy's house, are backed by a great team at TSC. The entire team is proud to be able to support an organization that does so much for the children and families in their community.

An organization like Sammy’s house has everything donated, every piece of furniture even. There is no room for error and that is why Sammy’s House depends on donations of this sort.

To donate to Sammy's House, visit their website for more information:

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