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Corporate Social Responsibility & Covid-19

Corporate Social Responsibility, commonly referred to as social responsibility or CSR, has a broad range of definitions and examples. Ultimately, it can be defined most simply as an initiative in which companies take responsibility for the communities their business operations effect. However, CSR is more than just a business expectation. It is a direct contributing factor to community economic development, thereby improving the community, the workforce and the businesses quality of life. For more on CSR, read our blog post here.

Giving Back To Our Communities

As Covid-19 continues to impact the globe, like many, we find ourselves looking for ways we can help our communities and especially our healthcare workers. We wanted to highlight to you some ways TSC locations are lending their support. 

TSC Canada donated computer monitors to support staff at Sinai Health Foundation that is raising much needed funds for Sinai Health in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

TSC Brazil has fostered a close relationship with local public health support unities throughout their region. When community support is needed, TSC Brazil jumps into action as one of their sponsors. Most recently, TSC Brazil made a donation of food baskets to at risk members of their local LGBT community that had been impacted by Covid-19.

TSC Europe donated 1000 face masks to a local health organization supporting senior citizens, who would otherwise have not had any protective personal equipment (PPE). In addition, they also donated to local dentists who were running very low on supply, to ensure their continued and safe operations. While supporting the community is very important, we of course cannot forget about our valued employees. That is why TSC Europe ensured that employees with special circumstances at home also received a supply of masks including an employee with a spouse battling cancer and an employee with an elderly grandmother living in their home.

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