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Corporate Social Responsibility

What is Corporate Social Responsibility? Corporate Social Responsibility, commonly referred to as social responsibility or CSR, has a broad range of definitions and examples. Ultimately, it can be defined most simply as an initiative in which companies take responsibility for the communities their business operations effect. 

Archie B Carroll, Elsevier 1991

Economics are the heart of any business. As defined in Carroll's pyramid of Corporate Social Responsibility, Economic Responsibility is the foundation upon which all others rest.

It is important to note that, CSR is not solely "extra" initiatives a corporation should take such as donating new computers to a school or hosting a fundraiser for an urgent community cause. While these examples of philanthropic responsibilities are important demonstrations of CSR, it is equally important to remember that not every community contribution requires a grand or costly gesture. Rather, CSR can be built into a corporations processes. These kind of ethically responsible decisions that are built into a companies policies have the ability to show the community that you take your social responsibility seriously while simultaneously being attainable initiatives for companies of all sizes and profit margins. While it is the nature of business for profitability to always come first, that is not to say only the most profitable companies are accountable to their communities.

As a company grows, so does the expectations of social responsibility. However, CSR is more than just a business expectation. It is a direct contributing factor to community economic development, thereby improving the community, the workforce and the businesses quality of life. 

A workshop on breast cancer prevention in support of Brazil's House of love to the neighbor. Sponsored by TSC.

Being focused in the hardware repair industry it is TSC’s mandate to look for opportunities to reduce, reuse, and repair in all our client solutions, before sending products for recycling as a last resort.  Recycling is always accomplished in a safe and environmentally approved manner, with no risk of harmful toxins being released into the earth.

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