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Awards & Accomplishments of 2015-2016

Team TSC

At TSC, we are dedicated to delivering the very best depot repair and reverse logistics services to our customers worldwide. And we are equally dedicated to the people and communities we serve, with ongoing efforts to promote ‘Green’ initiatives and to minimize our corporate footprint on the environment. Our mandate of Reduce, Reuse (Repair), Recycle is a fundamental part of our business, both in our processes and in the type of programs we participate in.

TSC EMEA and the TBL Award

Our EMEA team recently took part in the Nijmegen Challenge in the Netherlands, which encourages companies to organize and contribute to corporate community involvement where People, Planet and Profit are central to the initiatives. Each year, a special award called the Triple Bottom Line (TBL) is awarded to one of the companies in the Challenge, based on their exemplary demonstration of corporate social responsibility, and working to improve the quality of life in the community.

In 2015, TSC EMEA was the recipient of this honor, based on a number of activities and goals around the 3 P’s:


By hiring the unemployed

By employing people with disabilities

By promoting a diverse labor force, with over 15 nationalities represented


By reducing energy consumption with an upgrade to our air conditioning systems

By the reuse of packaging material

Through maximum effort on qualifying and reusing parts that were previously disposed of

Via Research and Development into new projects that benefit the planet (i.e. batteries)


Through profitability - TSC EMEA has seen an annual profit for the last 15 years  

Through financial stability – TSC EMEA is fiscally healthy (i.e. Good Z score)

Finalist - MVO Award 2015

TSC Wins the Dell Global Partner of the Year Award

TSC is proud to be this year’s recipient of the Dell EMC Best Global Screening & Repair Partner of the Year Award!

2016 - Best Global Screening & Repair Partner

As long time partners, Dell and TSC are working closely together to provide proactive and progressive support to Dell customers. TSC enables repair solutions that touch all regions of Dell’s expansive network, supporting its enterprise and consumer product portfolio. Dell’s openness and willingness to collaborate, along with TSC’s operational excellence (through flexibility and thinking outside the box) are just some of the reasons why this partnership continues to be successful and rewarding!

TSC US and Dell

Dell, one of TSC’s global customers is leading the charge this year with a series of community events, inviting their partners and suppliers to join them in support of local charities and foundations. TSC US was happy to join in on such a worthwhile cause and volunteered to participate in their April 22, 2016 event.

The thirty or so volunteers spent a morning cleaning up and spreading mulch at Old Settler’s Park on the east side of Round Rock, Texas. Luckily, the weather was ideal and the volunteers – comprised of approximately half Dell employees and half from supporting partner organizations including John Sanny, Tim McKellop and David Galinsky from TSC US – were all dedicated and enthusiastic to spend the day outdoors.

Mario Reveles and Heather Matheny of Dell were instrumental in organizing the well run event, inspiring our own team to plan future TSC-led community initiatives!

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