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Adaptive Innovation - TSC Canada: Innovation through continuous improvement

While successful businesses are no stranger to innovation, Covid-19 has forced businesses in industries all over the world to be more innovative than ever. From changing basic everyday interactions with our colleagues and customers to finding new ways to keep business prosperous; Covid-19 has driven adaptive innovation.

At TSC, we are constantly looking at our systems and customer delivery mechanisms for ways to improve. We have all learned in recent months, that we must find ways to seek out and embrace change. With this in mind, we wanted to highlight a recent innovation on a long standing division of TSC Canada.

In just 45 days, our small dedicated team identified, customized and implemented an entire new solution that achieved:

  1. Improved customer communication through more frequent and timely updates.

  2. Fully integrated systems eliminating manual steps and potential for human error.

  3. Improved ticket management through a tool that makes it easier to manage work load and achieve customer SLA.

  4. Improved ease of use resulting in faster training which in turn allows for creating greater ease of redundancy and employee back up.

  5. An online profile for customers to see live updates on their current ticket(s) as well as a ticket history, detailed ticket information included estimates, invoices and all available documents, and a message center for direction communication to the customer representative team.

In the modern world, TSC partners need to be reactive to the ever changing nature of the industry as the world adapts to Covid-19. Adaptive innovation through continuous improvement strategies have allowed TSC to make the complex simple.

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