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Adaptive Innovation - TSC Brazil: Innovating the everyday

At TSC, our top priority is our employees and family's health and safety. Around the world, in all industries, we have seen companies and individuals adapt and innovate in the presence of Covid-19. One of the ways we have applied this adaptive innovation at TSC Brazil is through an artificial intelligence device to control employees and visitor access.

This AI only allows access access only it

1. Recognizes the employees face

2. Confirms the employees body temperature is at normal levels

3. Confirms the employee is wearing a mask

This has great benefits to our operations, our customers and our community. Such as:

1. With less staff out sick we were able to keep up normal operations without hiring temporary workers.

2. Healthy staff lessens the impact on local heath care system.

3. Nonstop production.

4. Supporting enterprise class products for essential businesses such as hospitals, research centers, security, banks, government agencies, among others.

Check out this video below that shows you just how our Covid-19 employee screening system works.

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