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Your True Partner In Europe

Now known globally as TSC Europe, Sprague provides our customers with customized service logistic solutions by utilizing their extensive knowledge, capability and experience. 


With in-house engineers TSC Europe is able to create procedures based on customer requirements and have been proving true partner support across a wide variety of mechanical and electronic devices since being founded in 1999.



  • LTO Head, PCB and Deck repair  

  • Data Storage Screen & Redeployment  

  • Switch in-depth testing and repair

  • IT Asset Disposition

  • Logistics & Warranty Handling

  • Data Destruction

  • Brokerage

  • Printer Screen & Repair


  • LTO head, PCB & deck

  • Switches

  • Servers

  • SAN appliances

  • HDD & SSD  

  • Desktops / Laptops

  • Printers  

TSC Europe/Sprague 

Location & Contact



+31 (24) 344 5886

Bijsterhuizen 25-14, 6604 LN Wijchen, The Netherlands

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