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Your True Partner in Brazil

Now known globally as TSC Brazil, Pandisc offers world-class depot repair, reverse logistics and product resale services to our clients globally on a full range of products from storage, servers and enterprise devices to personal computers, components and consumer electronics. But, we think, work and act like an extension of your own organization doing what is needed and going beyond just repair.

For more than 30 years, Pandisc has been hard at work serving the technology solutions market. A founding TSC member, Pandisc has world-class experience and processes in place to provide a full range of services to global IT companies.



  • Screening and Certified Data Destruction

  • Hard Disk Drives

  • Solid State Drives

  • Tape Cartridge

  • CPU Screening

  • Data Recovery Services

  • On Site advanced analysis

    • Tape Cartridges Health

    • Data Center Environment

    • Best Practices

  • Advanced Failure Analysis

  • Field Services


  • Tape Backup Units

  • Tape Libraries and Robotics

  • Server Motherboard

  • Network Devices

  • Power Supply

  • Storage Controllers

  • Notebook Motherboard

  • No-Break (UPS)

  • HDD/SSD Storage (all format factors and interfaces)

  • Whole Server Units

  • Whole Personal Computers

  • Rugged Equipment (Tablet, Notebooks and Handhelds)

TSC Brazil/Pandisc 

Location & Contact



+55 (11) 2431-5555 ext 200

Av. Carmela Dutra, SN Galpao 4 – CLG, Guarulhos – SP – Brazil

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